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Recently, I was browsing different kinds of information about traveling
on the Internet. The one impressed me most was about a package tour to
Thailand.The vivid pictures and the footage of the whole country realty
attracted me. I am fairly into this mysterious country and its unique
culture. Houses, streets and many relics are in excellent state of
preservation.Moreover, Thailand is a religious country. Temples are one
of historic interests that deserve you to visit. You can totally relax
in this holy place and prey for God’s blessing. It is definitely an
appealing ad to me. Because I live in the modern city and I am fed up
with the modernized environment and busy life. I want to experience a
place full of culture and religion. Thailand is just the ideal place I
would I like to go to. Immediately, I made a decision and I booked the
parage tour to Thailand on line. Then, I set out to prepare special trip
with my family in the upcoming holiday. It would be a fantastic journey
in my life。

一 、雅观的吉赛尔.邦臣



  Ok right then, well the parent I’d like to talk about is the mother
of a good friend of mine, and the reason for choosing to talk about her
is that my friend is always going on about how lucky he is to have such
a nice mum. And from what I know about her, I’d say he’s absolutely

二 、神奇的Anthony

  Anyway, as for how I know her, well it’s basically due to the fact
that I went to the same middle school as her son. And because we became
pretty good friends, we ended up seeing quite a lot of each other’s
parents, especially during the holidays when we often went over to each
other’s homes.


  And regarding what his mother looks like, well interestingly enough,
she actually looks pretty similar to my own mother, because they both
have quite round faces and long wavy hair. Having said that though, I’ve
noticed that my friend’s mother often ties her hair up in a bun, whereas
my mother usually always keeps it down. And another thing to mention
would be that whenever I see her, she always seems to be wearing red
clothes of some sort, which I guess is probably because red suits her
quite well.

叁 、不断挑衅的吴敏霞

  But anyway, finally then, with regard to why I think she’s a good
parent, well I’d say there are quite a few reasons, one of which would
be that she’s always been very supportive to her son. And just to give
you an example, when he was deciding what major to study at university,
he ended up choosing music. And his mother gave him her full support,
which is probably not what many other parents would have done, as music
doesn’t really leave open a lot of career choices, if you know what I

三十陆周岁的跳水运动员在年龄上并不占任何优势。可纵然在那种不占优势的情景下,她不停的挑衅本人。又做到了投机三次新的高速。这一次是他第6次获的Olympic 加梅斯金牌,她成长那么些类型到历史第①个人。

  And I think it’s fair to say that nowadays, a lot of parents
persuade their children to do things which they think are best for them,
but my friend has said that his parents have never been like this with
him, especially his mother. So I kind of get the impression that she’s
never forced him to do anything against his will, and has always let him
make his own decisions, which I think’s really great.

四 、王者归来――龙清泉



  Well, I guess the important suggestion would be the one my mother
gave me about my immigration plan to Australia.


  Actually, it was a tough decision for me because I have already had
a job offer in Beijing, with a desirable job condition and decent pay.
Besides I had tons of friends here in China. I was sure I would lose
much if I went abroad. I was in a dilemma so I appealed to my mother for
advice. I told her my reasons for moving abroad and my plan to achieve
that. She listened carefully and was obviously concerned about me. She
felt my explanations were reasonable and told me that though it would
definitely be a bit risky to start a new life in an unfamiliar country,
it’s worth making a change to pursue a better living condition cos I was
still young to realize my dream. After I told her that I was preparing
the IELTS test, my mother suggested that my father was also trying to
pass the exam of the certified public accountants at the similar age of
mine to improve our standards of living, which inspired me so much.

丘索维金娜今年一度4一岁了。很多选手都会称呼他为体操奶奶。18岁时,她就取得了Olympic Games的金牌。之后奖牌也不断,但在高达移动生涯高峰期的时候,他采纳了退出。而2000年,他的平静生活被打破,他的幼子被识破患有后天白血病,为了给外孙子医疗,她起来重复赶回舞台。尽管当时她已经退伍多年,然则为了孩子,他又重新参预了体操队,那种近乎功利的为钱而战背后大家只能钦佩他对子女的爱。

  This conversion was really helpful because apart from mother’s
positive advise, I found that every member of my family, including me,
was working hard to make our life fruitful.



1.I’m going to talk about my favourite chair. It’s a big, leather
armchair that sits in my living room at home, just under my living room


2.I didn’t actually buy the armchair. One of my friends was moving house
and was going to buy some new furniture. I had always liked his leather
armchair, so he said I could have it if I managed to move it. The chair
wouldn’t fit in my car, and it was tricky to get it out of my friend’s
apartment. I had to hire a small van to take the armchair home.


3.Obviously I use the armchair for sitting! It’s my favourite place in
the house to relax, read a book, watch TV or even do some work; the
chair’s arms are quite wide and flat, so my laptop fits nicely on either
of them. Last night I fell asleep in my armchair while I was watching a


4.The main reasons why I like this piece of furniture are that it’s
comfortable and it’s in the perfect position in my living room. The only
drawback might be that I enjoy sitting in the armchair too much, and
sometimes I think it makes me lazy!


Well, it’s probably difficult to believe but last year i knocked off X
killos in about 6 months, and  this is what I am still enormously proud
of. I have to confess…I used to be a very lazy girl who loved fast
food and hated sports.And at that time I was so slim that i didn’t even
think that one day being overweight wold become my number 1 problem. So
when I realised tha tI’d put on X kilos, I decided to lose weight and
get fit, no matter what.

And so it began. I started exercising daily. I went gogging in the
mornings and I walked in the evenings. Also, i ditched junk food and
stopped buying sancks, whicvh I couldn’t live without. I started
sticking to a diet. You know, no sweets, no rice, no cheeseburgers, and
French fries. Noing. Only salads, vegetables, fruits and plenty of
fluids. I ate only healthy food and drank a lot of water daily. I cooked
foods in healthier ways such as boiling, baking and stewing. I read
somewhere that it is better to have a few light meals instead of on main
meal. So i followed this advice too. I continued this practice for six
straight months. As a result, I lost more than X kilograms.

Now I’m not only as slim as I used to be, but I’m also fit enough. And
I’m genuinely proud of my achievement. I should say it was hard to
change my habits, my diet and my lifestyle, and at some point I was
about to give up because all those activities were really time
consuming. But I didn’t, thank God, though I was facing a lot of
difficulties. Another thing that makes me feel inordinately proud of
myself is that I achieved great results without anybody’s help. I just
read blogs and forums, used a lo of online resources, but it was I that
decided what to do with myself. This is something I never thought I
could do. You can’t even imagine how much effort I put in achieving this
result. I would even say I was fighting the battle of my life. And i


  Well, I am going to share a special experience about teaching with
you.Last summer, I went to my aunt’s apartment to spend some nice
moments with my cousin. Actually, my cousin was still a senior 2 student
in high school and she had a lot of school homework to deal with. So her
mom, also my aunt, asked me to be a tutor who can help her finish all
assignments before the deadline when the new term started. At the
beginning, I refused that, because I didn’t have any experience in the
teaching field and my grades in some subjects like mathematics, physics
and more courses about science were very poor.

  That is to say, I had no confidence and gift in this kind of job.
However, my objection did not work. My sister insisted me to teach her
and she came up with a piece of compromise advice. She knew that I was
specialized in Chinese and English, so I could teach her how to write
essays and make up English sentences.

  After that, I was inspired by her suggestions and tried to be a
teacher of her. Through the process, I gave myself some hints that I can
be a person who can compensate the position and offer help when others
have problems to tackle. That really works. Besides that, I reviewed
some knowledge that I almost forgot and built up the confidence. Also, I
found ifs a pleasure to do the meaning job.


Well, a businessman that I admire is Mr. Li JinYi who is from my
hometown and he now owns two groups of industries and the products line
of his companies are famous in our country.

Since he is from the same town where I spent my childhood and teenage
time, I have heard a lot about him and few times I met him as well.

He was a son of a successful local businessman and he inherited his
father’s electronic industry many years back. That was just the starting
and over time he has worked really hard and built his empire in the
local business market. In few years, he took some giant leaped in his
business and lately has been awarded as one of the best business
entrepreneurs in the country. From the local electronic business he had
inherited from his father,he gradually and successfully amassed the
fortune and business success and thus has become one of the enviable
businessmen in the country.

Taking great decisions and gradually enhancing the business was his
success mantra. Everyone in our locality agrees that he was an
honest,hardworking and wise person who knew when to take risks and when
not to. His timely decision, investment in promising sectors and hard
work have rewarded him well and his industries have made the opportunity
for others to earn their daily bread. Thus, in my mind, he is a person
who deserved to be admired.


  Well,I am a big fan of shopping,so I purchase my own clothes most
of the time. Last month, I bought a leather jacket and it became my most
favorite coat now.

  It is a black colored stylish jacket. I bought it from an expensive
brand shop which mainly sells winter dresses.You know, the season
changes to autumn now, and I found my old dresses to become out of
fashion and I was planning to purchase a Hew one.

  The jacket I bought is really a favorite piece of clothing I have in
my collection. I bought it mainly because I needed a new cloth for the
autumn season and this one looked very stylish and seemed like made by
good materials. I wandered in several shops and markets and was having a
hard time finding a stylish and good looking jacket. All of a sudden,
this one caught my eyes and after trying it in the trial room, I
instantly decided to purchase it.

  I wear it these days and this jacket gives me the warmth I need to
protect from the chilly and cold weather. I like it very much as it goes
with my choice and necessity. Even though it was the most expensive
clothing in my shelf,it was deserved.

  I don’t have a huge collection of dresses and I do not purchase
dresses that I would not wear.

  But sometimes I find myself in a mess when I purchase a dress and
later on find it very ordinary-But this leather jacket was exceptional.
I have felt a great joy after I purchased it and still this is the best
jacket I have. For all those reasons this dress has become my most
favorite piece of cloth I own.


  I would like to talk about chemistry,a branch of physical science
(自然科学) that studies the composition,structure,properties and change
of matter (物质).

  Chemistry is a compulsory course for third-year junior school
students and for all senior high-school science students. I,of
course,studied it since the last year in junior high school.

  In high schools,most students are apt to learn chemistry by doing
numerous quizzes, some

  even by rote (死记硬背).I,instead,took a unique approach.Before
each class,I would get fully prepared;do my best to find the
law(规律)of reaction among the atoms (原子),molecules(分子) or chemicals
bonds(化学键) etc,and search relevant information online. Also,I watched
videos of cutting-edge (尖端的) scientific discoveries and
intriguing/compelling/scintillating (有趣的)stories of the scientists
mentioned in the chapter I was going to study. Apart from those,I
engrossed myself in chemical experiments,as long as I was available.

  In my first Chemistry class,I was fascinated by the
structures,shapes,colors,and smells of chemicals my teacher showed to
the class. 伊夫r since then, my passion/zest(极大的兴味) for chemistry
has been ignited. I very much wanted to delve into(钻研),and unveil the
myth of (爆料神秘面纱),Chemistry.


  Thank you for giving me the chance to talk about this topic.
Actually, I can remember quite a few occasions when I tried to raise my
helping hands for others. The particular event that I would like to talk
about was the time when I helped a poor family in our hometown during my
college years.

  I can’t recall the exact name of the person but I remember that he
had a family of 5 members and he was a technician. He had very little
education and he mostly relied on the small shop he had to repair
electronic goods. After a devastating cyclone, his small shop was
demolished and he had no other income source or ability to rebuild it.
One day I noticed him trying to console his small kids who were
demanding for foods. This happened near our college campus and I had
been there to meet a friend. I was so touched by the beautiful yet
gloomy faced kids that I went ahead and talk to this person. He
explained what happened and was talking in a trembling voice. He also
told me he assured her wife that he would feed the kids and would bring
foods to home.

  I bought them some snacks and fruits and asked them to stay nearby
for a while. I watched the small kids were eating the foods voraciously
and they had smiles on their face. I went to my class and told the whole
story to my three close friends. Finally, we went to our class teacher
and wrote an application regarding the suffering of the person and his
family. The teacher permitted us to spend an hour to raise some money
for the suffering family from other classes and we were so glad to have
the permission.

  We had been able to convey the sufferings of this person and his
family to the students and teachers and we raised a significant amount
of money which was beyond my expectation. With this money we bought some
foods and clothes for this family and they were so grateful that the
husband and wife started crying and praying for us. We gave the man the
remaining amount and he had been able to start his work again.

  About my feelings, I was very satisfied and contended. This is the
first time I realised how enthralling and satisfying it is to help
someone. I felt like blessed and the person and his wife revered me as
if I was their dear one. In fact being able to help someone in need is
something we can only feel and words can’t actually describe it.


  I want to live in a big house with great views, so a house near a
river or a park would be perfect.

  A soft king size bed is on my must-have list, because after a long
day’s work, I really need a good rest on the comfy bed. And a walk-in
closet with tons of clothes and accessories is every girl’s dream, I’m

  And also, the spacious bathroom must be equipped with a Jacuzzi, so
every night before I go to bed, I can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath and
release all of my pressure.

  As a foodie, there has to be a variety of cookers in my kitchen. And
a big oven is necessary ‘cause I like to bake my own cakes. Cooking is
my favorite pastime, and I find it quite soothing. Making all kinds of
dessert is my forte. Plus, I can invite my friends over and cook for
them. That would be nice.

  The entertainment facilities in my living room must be state of the
art, like the fancy home theater and the Xbox, that way my guests would
never feel bored because there’s so much to do in the house.

  I’m also a dog person, so I’d like a room for my pet dog. I know
puppies can be a little naughty, and they always make a mess, so a room
of their own is a must.

  In my spare time, I’m really into growing some plants and flowers,
so a roomy sunlit balcony would be perfect for my hobby.

  And as for the location, my house should be situated in the city
center, because it would be convenient to get around and I’ll have easy
access to all the public facilities. But the only downside is, the
housing price might be a little high, so I might not able to afford it
until I am 30 years old.

room,里面你可以play pool(打斯诺克),play table tennis,各样board
games、video games;借使你是一位fitness freak,就给本身一间workout


You know, I am a big fun of reading, and I have read many books ever。
But today I would like to talk about “the Wings of Fire”by Dr.A.P. J.
Abdul Kalam.

It is a very exciting book. My sister got this book as a prize when she
participated in a writing contest in 2015,and she recommended me to
read it and borrow it to me.

This book is Dr. Kalam’s auto-biography which was first published in

  1. And this book became popular only after Dr. Kalam became the
    President of India.Dr.Kalam was sworn in as the President of India
    on25th July 2002. Mr. Arun Tiwari helped Dr. Kalam in writing the book.
    In one speech, Dr Kalam says why he wrote his autobiography,he wanted
    to inspir young people who didn’t bear in a rich family to never give up
    on his experiences.

To be honest, this book is very motivating and exciting. From this book,
I came to know all about the life and achievements of Dr. A.P. J. And
you will be motivated by Dr. A.PJ. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam was born in a
very poor family in the southern parts of India at Rameshwaram. The
reason why I admire him is that his life shows how an ordinary boy from
a poor family could reach the highest level of the nation. He became not
only the best rocket engineer but also the first citizen

of the nation. Anyway, it is true that he described his posting as the
president as a piece of luck. but his achievement as a rocket engineer
was absolutely because of sheer hard work. In him, I can find a person
with the insatiable quest for knowledge and with great love for
suffering fellow beings.

I would like to say this is an execting book due to it is a very
motivating book, and you will never feel boring because you will be
attracted by the life of Dr. AP. J.


The long car journey I’ve ever had was in last Spring Festival when we
had 14-day vacation, so my family decided to have a trip to Shanghai by
car. There were three people of us, so we thought that driving was a
more economical and convenient way. We left Beijing about 7 o’clock in
the morning and drove southward.

  We didn’t constantly drive along but visited several other cities as
well during our trip. For example, we stayed in the city of Xuzhou in
the Jiangsu Province for two days because it was a historical city and
there were many famous cultural heritage. After about four-day driving,
we finally reached our destination. We visited many renowned places,
like the bustling City God Temple, and peaceful Century Park, the
gorgeous Yu Garden, and the breath-taking Pudong skyline, and tasted
lots of indigenous food.

  Travelling by our own car enables us to plan our itinerary freely,
so that we can go somewhere very conveniently and don’t have to waste
our time in the train station and airport. Besides, we can take and buy
lots of things on the way and then put them in our car, which always
makes our travelling fruitful.


I would like to describe a live music cafe where people often go to
attend evening performance of popular artists. That is a coffee shop
named liker.

As for the location, it is located in the prosimity of my neighbourhood;
therefore, it is quite convenient for me to drop by this coffee shop
whenever I am in the mood for music.When people go to listen to music in
the afternoon there is on minor disadvantage which is looking for a
parking space during rush hour because there is a hectic street at the
front of the cafe; However, as for myself, the live performance at the
cafe is so satisfying that it is totally worth the effort.

I first knew this place in last summer when I was looking a music spot
where I can meet up with my friends or relax by immersing into music
after finishing a series of stressful exams.Fortunately, there was a
live music cafe which come highly recommended on the internet.In
addition, I also found out that popular artists also use this place to
hold live performance or to introduce their lates albums.Consequently, I
always go to this cafe to enjoy music in the weekend because it is a
perfect place for us to unwind after long hours of working.

To the best of my knowledge, this cafe used to be a run-down building,
and hardly anyone noticed it. However, when it was renovated into a
stylish coffee shop with state-of-the-art music facilities, it has
become the most popular and favouraed live music cafe in the
naighbourhood. as for the design, the cafe is divided into two main
areas. The first one is a main bar which serves a variety of beverages.
In fact, this area is particularly suitable for small groups to gather
around and discuss the latest trend in music. The second one is a stage
which is elegantly decoarated; actually it makes me feel as if I am
invited to a home of an artist to a chill out and listen to music.

Thanks to the cozy atmosphere, this coffee shop has been a regualar
haunt for youngsters to listen to music. Therefore, new artists often
come here to promote themselves and established ones also have a chance
to appeal to new audiences.


  To be honest, it really hard to say place which is an interesting
place that few people know. And today I will talk about one of my
favorite restaurants. It is actually in the suburbs of my hometown. You
know, this restaurant even did not have a name. We always call it “GuiZu
Grandma”. Because the owner and chefs are 5 old grandmas, and they only
offer lunch

  The restaurant is on a not busy street very near to a school. It is
quite a small and hectic place. From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t
look very impressive and even a little bit poor. Inside there are lots
of old square wooden tables, each with about four chairs around them.

  This restaurant only has several dishes, and you do not need to
order the menu, just pick up what you want from the kitchen. And each of
them is so delicious for me. If you go there too late, you won’t get the
most popular one. Whenever I was free, I’d like to go there with my
friends or family to enjoy my favorite dishes.

  You know, even though it is a small restaurant, but the delicious
food made everyone who has been there falling in love with it. In my
mind, it should be the best restaurant in the word. However, few people
know it, maybe because it didn’t has a name and you know, my hometown is
a small city, um, so, it cannot be a famous place.


I’m going to talk about a rule at my primary school. The school I went
to wasn’t a pretty relaxed place and in fact there weren’t that many
rules and regulations. We were for instance encouraged to speak in class
as much as possible because our teachers wanted us to learn how to
express ourselves. It was that sort of place – really liberal.

The one rule that I really remember though was that we couldn’t use our
mobile phones in class. The school was really strict about this and you
could get into a lot of trouble if you became a repeat offender.
Normally it wasn’t much of a problem. If a teacher saw a student with a
mobile, he’d just tell him to turn it off and pay attention to what he
was saying. Then again, there were some teachers who would confiscate
any mobile phones they saw at all – even if they were not being used and
were just lying on the desk.

I suppose the reason for the rule was to make sure that all the students
were paying attention to the teacher or just doing what they were
supposed to be doing and not texting their friends or browsing the net.
I think the idea was that the school was happy to have kids talking to
each other but weren’t nearly so happy if they were writing texts –
perhaps because the teacher wouldn’t know what was being said.

Did I like the rule? Not really. I thought that it would have been much
better of we’d been allowed to use out phones more. There’re so many
great learning apps on phones that it seemed a little silly that we had
to learn on just and paper.


I’ll going to tell you about the local community center that i often go
to.The shopping centre is about 2 miles up the road from where I live. I
could walk there. The shops are in a sort of village at the edge of the
city of xxxx, it’s called xxxx.

Local people of different ages and all walks go there. My family and
friends extensively use the centre for various activities. My wife and
mother take Yoga lessons everyday at the community hall. Me and my
friends use the sports facilities like Badminton and Swimming
frequently.There is a  cinema for all  movie-lovers, and what amazing is
that there is also a small studio for all sorts of arts exhibitions.In
addition to that, the centre is a favourite spot for locals to
socialise. It acts as a breath of fresh air in our mundane
lives.Children visit the centre regularly for sports and games. In fact
it is one of the very few places that is safe for children to play
freely. All of the above reasons have led to strong bonding between
people and have subsequently created a safe neighbourhood.

So basically, if it is closed,it would be a great loss to the community.
Adults will find it difficult to socialise, children will be deprived of
a safe place to play and have fun together.


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  Well, you know, every day we watch so many advertisements on TV and
some of them we like and feel interesting. One thing I want to talk
about today was a Cello Pen which I bought according to the
advertisement. To be honest, the advertisement of it is a creative one,
and I found it very interesting. I watched this advertisement 3 years
ago in a TV channel while I was watching a live sport telecasting. I
still remember it because it was bit unique and the way it was presented
was quite good and touchy.

  The advertisement starts with a boy who was in a school and then
studied in a college and finally in a university and in the meantime the
ad shows some of the successes he achieved and was congratulated. Thus
he became a successful journalist and finally won an international prize
for his honesty and bravery in his profession. His parents, mentors,
teachers, friends and some others were highlighted at the end of the
advertisement and as a flashback, the Cello pen was shown. The
advertisement revealed that the pen has contributed from the beginning
to the end of his success and was never congratulated. Yet this is a
silent partner of the man’s success.

  This ad was a commercial ad of a company who manufactures and sells
the pen. Thus the ads revealed how important the pens are in our success
and how this pen helps people to become who they are! I guess this was a
creative ad and the story impressed me. Thus, I bought a Cello pen of it
and let it be a silent partner of my life.


Well nowadays cellphone is not something unusual anymore. You can see
people take cellphones everywhere, on the train, in the school…literally
everywhere. I have become so accustomed to it that sometimes I can
hardly feel anything particular. But the experience I had last weekend
totally changed my view. I was so happy to own a cellphone and solve my
problem at the very moment. Last Saturday I went out to buy a birthday
gift for my friend by my own. I planned to buy her a big birthday cake,
which needed to be preordered. I spent an hour on the bus before I
finally arrived at a popular cake shop. After I determined which cake to
buy, I spent another half an hour waiting in line to pay for it. When it
came to my turn to make a payment, I suddenly found that I didn’t bring
my purse. It was so embarrassed and a lot of people were still waiting
in the line behind. Suddenly it occurred to me that I could make a
payment through my cellphone. So I delightedly took out my phone and
asked the shop assistant to sweep the QR code and money was then
transferred to the account of the shop. I felt so happy that I
successfully bought the cake with my cellphone.


Ok right then, well the person I’d like to talk about is Warren Buffett,
who I’m sure you know. And uh, I guess he’s quite a popular choice, so
if you’ve heard this from other candidates as well, then I do apologize,
but he really is someone that I’d love to meet one day, not that I think
it’s gonna happen or anything! But it would be good! It would be nice!

And uh, as for how I first got to know about him, well I honestly can’t
remember. I mean, I’ve known of him for about the last 10 years or so.
But if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say, most likely, I heard about him
from the TV, cos he crops up in the news quite a lot. So that’s probably
how I first heard about him.

Anyway, going on to why he’s famous, well as I’m sure you know, he’s one
of the world’s most successful investors, if not the most successful.
Cos he’s made so much money from investing in various companies. You
know, he seems to have a knack for choosing the right shares and finding
companies which are gonna prosper.

And this kind of partly explains why I’d like to meet him. You know, I’d
love to pick his brains, because I think there’s a tremendous amount I
could learn from him, and not just in terms of, you know, how to pick
good shares and stuff, but um, also in terms of how to uh… how can I put
it…..how to kind of manage yourself in everything you do. For example, I
mean, although he’s, like, super rich, he doesn’t go around flaunting
his wealth. And he comes across as a really down-to-earth person, if you
know what I mean. He just seems to treat everyone with the utmost
respect. And it’s this um….what’s the word….um… I guess could
sayhumility he shows that’s probably the number one quality I think I
can learn from him.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Thanks for listening!


Well, I’m going to talk about one of my grandfather’s friends, Mr. Zhao.
He’s in his mid-70s already, but he doesn’t seem that old at all. He is
still quite energetic every single day.

I got to know Mr. Zhao when I was a child. I was about 5 or 6 years old
then, if I remember correctly. At that time, he often came over to my
apartment and hung out with my granddad. They would then go fishing
together, or go to the park to play chess. They were really inseparable.

Anyway, in terms of what Mr. Zhao is like …well, I think the best word
to describe him would be multi-talented. He’s good at so many things,
like fishing and chess, as I said just now. Plus, he can also play
various kinds of musical instruments, such as the violin, the piano and
the guitar. Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention that he’s pretty
knowledgeable too. He’s really a walking encyclopedia.

Well, I really admire him mainly because he’s so versatile. I haven’t
seem many other people whodo well in so many areas. Also, as I mentioned
earlier, he’s pretty well-read. You know, I like reading too and I want
to be someone who reads as much as he does. So yeah, I really look up to


Well, a letter which I want to describe is the moment when I got my
conditional offer of the University of Queensland in Master of
Biotechnology. I got this a month ago from my email. So basically, now
all I need is my IELTS score for me to be able to go to the University
of Queensland.

You know, it’s always been my dream to go study abroad so this marked
the beginning of that dream coming true. I remember the moment when I
got it,I was so nervous because I am afraid of receiving a rejection
letter from my dream school. Thus, while I opened the email and found
that it was a confirmed letter!!! I cannot stop laughing and crying. I
felt so excited and I cannot stand to call my mom right away and share
this good news with her. We were so happy to get this news and we went
out for a big dinner to celebrate it.

For me,this is a big step in my life you know this means that for the
next few years, I’ll be in an environment that’s different from my life
right now.

This is a recognition from the school and that’s something that I worked
hard to accomplish.

To be honest, it was one of the most meaningful letters in my life,
because this is my first step in realizing my dream and it’s also the
beginning of an experience that will have a huge impact on my life.

Of course, I will remember that moment forever.